Product Render Headphones WIP #5

Work In Progress / 27 September 2018

Refined cloth bump in substance / some post work in Nuke. Feeling good on this still and shaders. Ready to drop these materials into the animation and run some low quality renders. 

Product Render Headphones WIP #3

Work In Progress / 18 September 2018

Kind of liking the way this is headed (finally). Felt like I was cleaning up the model and UVs more than anything since I bought it and didn't build it myself which kind of bummed me out. My next move is probably some quick animation with some interesting lighting. 

Product Render Headphones WIP #2

Work In Progress / 11 September 2018

Update : 

  • Adjusted reflections on overall environment to give some interesting falloffs. 
  • Adjusted clear material for better refraction
  • Looked into cloth strap bump and design
  • Ear cushion - soften edge falloff

Coming along. Maybe it's time to look into the final background. I might need to do some post work, some changes aren't as strong as I was hoping.

Product Render Headphones WIP #1

Work In Progress / 09 September 2018

Another side project I been working on, more for look development and rendering. I purchased this model for a class I taught a while back and figure I could see if I can get it to print quality. Had a chance to jump on HDR Light studio to better my lighting and get just the right edge rims around it.  HDR Light studio is incredible and I highly recommend it. After messing with the shaders a bit and getting some interesting lighting I ran my first render test. I see tons of things i want to fix but for a first pass I'm happy I was able to see all the main problems. I love when I walk away with a list of things to fix.  Original image is 4k/ dropped it to 1k for this post.

  • Fix clear plastic, fog effect too strong
  •  Better cloth texture
  • Adjust "scale" cushion texture
  • Adjust lighting to fix flat inner rim
  • Adjust shader for "L" logo, looks flat.
  • Get interesting reflections on flat side areas

Here is an inspiration board of my influences / goals for this image. 


Venusaur Project WIP #1

Work In Progress / 09 September 2018

Decided to go PRO and begin a thread on this Venusaur project that's been on hold for far too long hoping this will encourage me to finally get 'er done. Using this project as a way to get my modelling/ sculpting game up and get into some fun look development and get some more substance designer / painter practice. Of course as CG Artists we go ham so I'll eventually move into the environment I'm putting this bad boy on. 

Here is a reference board for the body shape and details I'm thinking for my Venusaur. Big, strong and heavy on the scales. 

I digged through the archives to find one of the earliest sketches i did, and right below is one I did today. Interesting to see how my views on him changed.


Did this sketch today. 

Here is an OLD sculpt I left off and already the shapes and forms are VERY weird and not realistic, Look at the size of that head! 

I will be visiting this project at LEAST once a week. This will be my project I work on during coWorking nights I host in the bay area. If you interested in joining a couple of artists after work join our meetup